Characteristics of the Phenomenalist-realist Film

In The Major Realist Film Theorists: A Critical Anthology, Ian Aitken (2016) identified five characteristics of the phenomenalist-realist film: (1) perceptually realistic; (2) disinterested; (3) nature-like; (4) feeling-oriented; and (5) flowing. In the current essay, I flesh out each of these attributes by expounding on their philosophical influences – particularly Kantian aesthetics – and explicating […]

Cinematography Workshop

Cinematography Crash Course for Directors & Aspiring Cinematographers (3C-DAC) Through this comprehensive and practical lecture course, you will start to master the four key areas in the art of Cinematography — (1) Framing & Composition, (2) Coverage & Continuity, (3) Lighting Techniques, and (4) Lens Aesthetics.

X-Men Collage

X-Men was a big part of my childhood and teenage years. I especially loved watching X-Men: The Animated Series on TV and collecting X-Men trading cards. I have recently found this collage that I made during my early teens.