Study 18: Dreaming of Travel While on Lockdown (2020)

Study 18: Dreaming of Travel While on Lockdown (dir. Joni Gutierrez, 2020)


— 747 jet aircraft – interior. Taxi to take off – undercarriage raised at 2’00, indicator board gong – aircraft climbs.
— Surf – Bondi beach.
— Lorikeets at dawn, Manly beach, Australia – raccous dawn chorus of Rainbow Lorikeets in tall trees against a background of Tasman sea surf.
— Istanbul, street music, with passing traffic and voices.
— Chinese Buddhist Temple, exterior, atmosphere with gongs, visitors walking in grounds & tapping wishing bells.
— Thumping massage.
— Train travelling in France with announcements at 1’22” (First class compartment).
— Asian Jungle night-time atmosphere.
— Storm recorded on Solomon Islands.
— Church bells and village band outside church (Poland) during harvest festival celebrations, bells, chat, brass band (very bad) makes circuit of church playing hymn and returns (indexed 2’02”).
— Russian Crowd, mixed, happy.
— Street, Cliza, on market day with cries from hawkers, footsteps and bells and chanting from blind fortune tellers, no traffic.
— Singing in temple leader on PA, congregation singing, clapping and playing bells
747 jet aircraft – interior. Descent – touch down – taxi.

Part of the Life-world Series project