Joni Gutierrez, 2015

This experimental documentary juxtaposes scenes of Hong Kong and Beijing shot in 2014 and exhibits a perspective of a foreign graduate student faced with a strong need to understand the intricacies between Hong Kong and mainland China relations. Interacting with the poetry of Kristian Agustin, the HK-Beijing binary is made complex and nuanced by an interspersion of thematic photo-montages from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Macau, Zhongshan, and Suzhou. It is not as an advocacy film in a traditional sense, but a fluid artwork that is still in the process of searching not necessarily for answers, but holistic social engagement - a salient condition for the voicing out of opinion, not just for catharsis but a collective dealing with questions implicating notions of modernity, culture and history - if not closures and resolutions. It ignites/re-ignites passion and sparks debates, especially coming from those who are outside established traditional binaries.